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All About Shreveport, Louisiana

All About Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport is situated in the state of Louisiana’s northwest corner, near the borders of Arkansas and Texas, and is the state’s third-largest city. The identity of this city, contrary to that of New Orleans, is not embedded in the traditions of Cajun-Creole, but in a blended culture of the Southern. Shreveport, located on the Red River’s banks, is the economic and cultural center of Ark-La-Tex, the coaxial point of northwestern Louisiana, Southern Arkansas, and northeastern Texas. Here are the things to know about Shreveport, Louisiana and the reasons why it is a good place to live.


Living in this city is low-cost and more affordable compared to other major metro areas since the cost of living in Shreveport is 15% beneath the national average. The housing costs are the primary reason for its affordability considering that it is significantly lower than the national average.

Aside from the inexpensive cost of living, the locals are one of the reasons why Shreveport is unique amidst mid-size cities. Some would say that the city has an East Texas vibe yet it also has a strong South Louisiana influence. Residents of Shreveport represent a cross-section of identities and cultures. The location of the city provides easy and fast access to other metropolitan cities and places like mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, and other national attractions. The area’s latest trend is to blend services and shopping into lifestyle communities that offer apartments, homes, services, shopping, and more all within the bounds of the community of the neighborhood itself. Shreveport’s top industries include construction, health care, and retail trade.

Arts and Culture

The city of Shreveport is surrounded by history. Named after Captain Henry Miller Shreve and founded in 1836, the city is packed with historical buildings and homes that provide fine examples of Art Deco, Victorian, Georgian Revival, Romanesque styles, and more. One of these is Louisiana’s Official State Theater, The Strand Theater, which was built in 1925 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Shreveport also prides a rich history in music that continues to this day. The city was abode to The Louisiana Hayride, one of the most iconic music venues for decades. The radio production showcased musicians such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, George Jones, and Elvis Presley.

The vibrant art community of the city is expressed from the sounds of the numerous local musicians to the massive murals dominating the downtown. Currently, there are several venues around town where locals and visitors can enjoy everything from Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Country, and other up-and-coming artists. The rich arts and culture are a beautiful combination of the ingenuity of South Louisiana, the love for the nature of Southern Arkansas, and the hard-working attitude of East Texas.

Activities and Events

Shreveport, Louisiana is probably best known for the city’s flashy riverboat casinos, yet Shreveport is overflowing with other adventures and activities. Some of the top festivals that draw thousands of visitors to the city are the Louisiana Music Prize and the Louisiana Film Prize. Downtown festivals like the Mudbug Madness Festival and Red River Revel anchor the entertainment scene of Shreveport.

The metro area also highlights various big-city attractions and entertainment options, including Louisiana’s oldest continually operating professional orchestra, the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra. Other city attractions include the R.W. Norton Art Gallery, Shreveport Aquarium, Sci-Port Discovery Center, American Rose Center Gardens, Robinson Film Center, and the Red River Entertainment Industry.

The crown jewel of Shreveport is the internationally popular Municipal Auditorium, which once houses the famed radio program, The Louisiana Hayride. Highway 2’s scenic drive, Boom or Bust Byway, is also a regional attraction that runs through the city’s north area and offers a glimpse of the history of the oil industry. Colorful wildflowers lined the trail during summer which is perfect for recreational biking and strolling. Recently, Red River Brewpub and Great Raft Brewing opened the craft brewery market of the city. In line with the eclectic identity of Shreveport, the food scene presents a variety of choices, from po’boy sandwiches and crawfish boils to steak and barbecue.

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