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Louisiana State University Shreveport

Louisiana State University Shreveport

The Louisiana State University System is a multipurpose, multi-campus higher education system that covers all of Louisiana, is certified by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and exerts a major influence on the cultural, economic, and social life of its locals. The Louisiana State University Shreveport or LSUS is a public university and a fraction of the Louisiana State University System.

The Louisiana State University Shreveport is committed to academic excellence, student success, staff and faculty development, cultural enrichment, and community engagement. LSUS educates a varied population of undergraduate and graduate students by fostering student development and critical thought through active learning and creative technique.

The University foster and innovate opportunities to augment the application of intelligence and knowledge discovery by student and faculty creative endeavors and research while engaging in global and regional thought leadership via community service and collaboration for the benefit of the students.

LSUS, originally a two-year college, has expanded and become an internationally acknowledged institution with a dozen programs for master’s degree, 25 programs for the undergraduate degree, and newly a Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies. Louisiana State University Shreveport offers over 70 extra-curricular organizations and manages a public radio network stationed in Shreveport, Red River Radio.

The Pilots, LSUS’s athletic programs, are members of the Red River Athletic Conference and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. The University recognizes that off-campus strategic partnerships are vital to the success of LSUS, the surrounding community, and the students. The Red River Watershed Management Institute is a collective of faculty of LSUS working in alliance with federal, state, and local government agencies, stakeholders, and environmental organizations collaborating in outreach/community service, research, and education related to the management of the watershed.

The Institute yields information vital for developing strategies on resource management that focus on biological diversity and natural resources in the Red River Watershed. Louisiana State University Shreveport offers a range of activities, programs, and events designed to boost cultural competence, stimulate critical thinking, and increase awareness through community engagement, diversity, and inclusion.

One of the most significant structures on LSUS is the Pioneer Heritage Center which was established in 1976. Located on the campus’s east side, the Center interprets distinctive northwest Louisiana’s social, history, and culture from the 1830s towards the conclusion of the 19th Century.

The Pioneer Heritage Center contains seven plantation complexes, including the Caspiana House and Thrasher House, both recorded on the National Register of Historic Places. The artifacts, exhibits, and structures functioned as a history laboratory for teachers and students in the humanities and the general public, community groups, and tourists. The Center frequently promotes outreach programs and events such as research seminars, on-site lectures, internships, public symposia, and more.

The United States’ largest private assemblage of antiquarian books is presently permanently loaned to LSUS and is housed in the Noel Memorial Library. The collection includes more than 100 different subject scopes in such varied fields as travel literature, cartography, history of humor, philosophy, costumery, natural history, and religion. The Northwest Louisiana Archives of LSUS contains beyond 1,000 individual collections that include countless major historical manuscripts and records relating to the Ark-La-Tex, northwest Louisiana, and the area of Shreveport.

Another notable facility of Louisiana State University Shreveport is the Cyber Collaboratory. It is a state-of-the-art learning area where industry partners, faculty, and students can gather to create, research, and discuss their innovations and insights with the use of the latest technology, The Cyber Collaboratory features a wide array of technologies convenient for nearly all projects from large-scale 3D printing, industrial metal, and carbon fiber, to esports, virtual reality, and robotics.

Throughout its decades of existence, Louisiana State University Shreveport has faced its fair share of hardships and challenges, yet it has emerged into an innovative pioneer for northwest Louisiana while continuously ranked in the nation’s top 50 for affordability. LSUS is recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to grant degrees at the Doctoral, Master’s, Baccalaureate, and Educational Specialist levels.

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