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The Shreveport Aquarium

The Shreveport Aquarium

Shreveport Aquarium is a sensational underwater world full of wonders with more than 1,000 animals and 300 species ranging from sharks and seahorses to turtles and eels. The Aquarium is also dubbed as the most unique wedding venue in Shreveport, an architectural classic synonymous with unparalleled style, charm, and elegance. Located in the heart of the Entertainment District of the city on the historic site of Barnwell Center, Shreveport Aquarium offers a unique encounter of getting close to jellyfish, rays, sharks, and an anchor of other spectacular creatures.

Shreveport Aquarium holds seven galleries and features touch tanks with rays, starfish, sea cucumbers, and jellies. The Shoreline Touchpools provide an interactive tidepool experience and allow visitors to learn interesting fun facts about anemones, cleaner shrimp, sea stars, and more. The touch pool grants a hands-on, close-up interaction with the Aquarium’s marine life. One of the most popular attractions in Shreveport Aquarium is their Sting Ray Feed Experience besides other feeding programs such as Shark Feedings and Alligator Snapping Turtle Feedings.

The Red River Treasure Mine is a must-try program at the Aquarium. It is the only climate-controlled, indoor gold, gem, and fossil mining experience in Louisiana. Since fossil records reveal that Louisiana used to be on the floor of a great ocean, Shreveport Aquarium is the ideal place for visitors to hunt their own fossils. Fields experts provide information as visitors search for fossilized shark teeth, gems, ancient marine specimens, and treasures. Old miners’ techniques of washing and sifting materials are utilized by treasure hunters for this 35 foot-long indoor channel. The best part is that treasure hunters get to own their finds which makes this program a perfect and fun activity for the whole family.

Shreveport AQUAdemy enriches visitors’ adventure inspired by the science standards of Louisiana with an educational, self-guided escapade across the aquarium. Kids and adults can acquire a deeper understanding of each exhibit by recording and observing the animal behaviors. With these, participants can gain extensive respect for the animals and aquatic world and portray as empowered, informed stewards of Shreveport Aquarium’s mission to encourage conservation of the aquatic treasures of the world.

Visitors can also offer support through the Adopt-An-Animal program which will help fund the costs related to giving quality food and healthcare for a year in addition to providing animals a lot of enrichment toys. Other programs of Shreveport Aquarium include school field trips with STEM-based educational talks and hands-on learning and discounted group tours rates for parties of 10 or more.

Shreveport Aquarium’s decades of involvement and maintaining its sustainability and conservation, the aquarium has developed various programs and events to form a viable group to provide community awareness and educational opportunities and to gain conservation efforts. These programs include Paddlefish Rear/Release, Jellyfish Propagation, Coral Propagation, Zebra Shark Recovery Research, and Stingray Breeding Management.

Shreveport Aquarium hosts and takes part in several community events and beautification projects such as the #PlasticFreeShreveport, LOVESHREVEPORT Citywide Cleanup, World Oceans Day, and Red River Cleanup. The employees’ self-organized group, the Conservation Krewe, promotes and encourages environmental consciousness and seeks to establish an environmental awareness’s cultural shift within the employees of the organization through guiding by example and fostering behavior change.

The deck and patio at the back of Shreveport Aquarium are effortlessly the area’s prettiest place to hold an event. With the debut of the new pavilion, hosting events is now even better thanks to the amazing views of the Texas Street bridge and the river together with spectacular LED lighting on the bridge which will create the most gorgeous backdrop to any event.

The Pavilion is consists of salvaged tin bedecked including Edison lights and reclaimed rustic oak beams. This offers a covered area for birthday parties, receptions, weddings, and other events. The new Pavilion is capable of accommodating approximately 140 seated guests and also highlights advanced infrared heaters, retractable weatherproof enclosures, oversized ceiling fans, and a fire fit. Adjacent to the Pavilion is the indoor restaurant that can additionally seat 100 guests. Shreveport Aquarium offers full-service catering and full event planning.

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