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The Southern University Museum of Art at Shreveport

The Southern University Museum of Art at Shreveport

Shreveport’s Southern University Museum of Art (SUMAS) is Shreveport Louisiana‘s only museum dedicated to educating the population about African Americans and African Diaspora’s Art and Culture. The museum guarantees that the artifacts, arts, and other treasured creations of African Americans, Africans, and their lineage are available to the public in an esteemed and organized collection and at a significantly historic place on the Southern University at Shreveport’s campus.

Opened in 2002, the Shreveport’s Southern University Museum of Art aims to provide a variety of learning experiences fundamentally directed at educating the community about African-Americans and African history through the cultural, historical, and artistic contributions they have created to the American ordeal.

The museum offers community education on African art history as it illustrates the dynamic traditions and culture of each group which have been nurtured and preserved with each succeeding generation. SUMAS highlights African art from Africa’s leading art-producing regions including West Africa’s Ivory Coast, the Congo, Cameroon, Mali, and Nigeria. The exhibit of African Art is consists of two major assemblages. These two collections include more than 300 artifacts and symbolize the core of the African art’s permanent collection of the museum.

The collection of African arts includes statues, utensils, ceremonial masks, fabrics, and an array of other artifacts that are functional. The current exhibit showcase jewelry from the artifacts of the Bertrand Collection from the Congo, a clay Boli from Mali’s Bamana people, and more. Each artifact is one of its kind and has a functional use in the country of its origin’s culture.

The African-American art of the museum is featured from the permanent collection of SUMABG. The exhibit accentuates a set of prints from master artists such as Howard Smith, Phoebe Beasley, and John Biggers. Every one of the series of prints depicts poems by African American critically acclaimed poets.

African culture and arts are brought to North Louisiana through the extensive permanent assemblage of SUMAS in addition to the museum’s special and traveling exhibitions that advance and preserve the rich cultural heritage of African Americans and Africans. The Art of History provides a dramatic performance and living history featuring the artistic and cultural contributions of notable African Americans all over the history of America and Louisiana. This includes rotating characters of Madam CJ Walker, Clementine Hunter, Louis Armstrong, Booker T. Washington, Mahalia Jackson, and Harriet Tubman.

SUMAS presents self-guided and school-guided programs and tours that bring the experience of African Americans and Africans to life via art activities, storytelling, and interactive exhibits prepared for participants of all ages. Journey to uncover the African American and African experience of “Art and Soul” at SUMAS situated at the heart of downtown Shreveport’s district of West Edge Arts.

As one of North Louisiana’s most stunning and unique venue spaces, Shreveport’s Southern University Museum of Art is the ideal location to serve as your next event venue. Abode to a rich African and African American collection of artwork, the historic museum is the perfect venue for receptions, corporate and nonprofit events, pop-up exhibits, meetings, bridal events, galas, seminars, holiday parties, and more. SUMAS offers more than 3,000 square feet of interior space in the lower and upper galleries, a convenient location in the city, full janitorial and security services, tables, chairs, and audiovisual equipment.

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